Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guess what this is?

You're right, it's another tag. This is the last one though, I promise. This one is from my friend Josh.

1. Do you play an instrument, and if so who was your biggest influence on the decision to play that instrument?

A. Yes, I play guitar. Acoustic and electric. I know a tiny bit of Steel too, and three Ukulele chords. :D I play some piano too. My biggest influence on playing guitar was probably my dad and my sister, because I grew up watching them play. I am pretty much self-taught though.

2. What is your favorite quote from a real person?

A. These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country, but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.  Thomas Paine (18th century activist and revolutionary.)

3. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Writing my book(s).

4. What is your number one goal in life?

A. When you talk about a number one goal for a Christian, everything gets thrown out for me except one thing, and that is to come to have an intimate relationship with God that is strong enough to stand through whatever trials life throws at me. I would like to get married and have children, but I do not know yet if that will happen (I'm only 16, so that's okay, right? No, I don't have anyone picked out.:D) and if it does, I believe it will be just part of the means that God uses to attain His ultimate end, plan, which is sanctification. (1 Thessalonians 4:3)

5. What is your favorite pass time?


6. If you had to, would you eat road kill?

A. Sure would. If I was absolutely starving then I wouldn't care or not if it was that fresh, but I think I would exercise some precaution. i.e. if it was entirely rotten and swarming with maggots, then I think I’d find something else. But other than that, yes, I would.

9. Do you dance? (meaning Swing, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, etc.)  If you do which is your favorite and why?

A. Of course I dance. I'm not that great at it, but I do dance. It's really hard to choose a favorite dance, because it generally depends on who I'm dancing with. Certain dances I prefer to dance with certain people. If it was a total stranger though, then I probably wouldn't care that much. I'm just glad that I'm dancing! But if that's not satisfactory, then the Swing or Tango would be my favorite.

10. Do you prefer handmade gifts or gifts bought from a store?

A. Handmade, definitely. When people make something for me it has a lot more meaning to it because they actually invested time and energy into that gift for me and it proves that they care enough to take that time. Not that I don't like store-bought gifts, it's just that handmade gifts mean more to me. Especially if they're sharp or made out of paracord. :D

Well friends, please don't tag me again for at least two months! I didn't mind doing this one at all, in fact I wanted to, but I think I'm done for a little while! Pictures of SeaWorld in San Antonio coming up next!


  1. I think that is my favorite quote to. I promise not to tag you :) P.S. The copyright thing at the bottom is cool, do I have to sign any papers to put it on my blog? P.P.S. Your new blog background is awesome, now I can read everything. Also great quotes on the sidebar. And I actually wrote this whole thing without getting a red spellcheck line under my words!

    1. The copyright only applies to original work, meaning essays, poetry, narrations, photos, art, videos etc. that were written or compiled by me. Quotes from other people, public domain pictures or trailers can be put on your blog.

      Glad you like the background. Bravo on writing a comment without getting a spell check line! :D

  2. Thanks. I meant how do I get a copyright on my blog? Do I just put it at the bottom or do I have to fill a application? Is everything on my blog already copyrighted? I don't know much about laws for writing...guess I better learn :)

    1. Oh! I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about something else. The copyright is a gadget you can get from your 'layout' settings in your Blogger account. If that doesn't work, you can always add the 'text' gadget and write your own copyright in. I think that by U.S law, when you write something it is immediately copyrighted. Putting a warning on your blog is just an added precaution and a court backup should someone claim that they didn't know it was copyrighted. Of course, chances of it getting that far are miniscule, but if you have your book posted up there then you might want it.

  3. Thanks a ton! Its very good to know that. Hope to see the Part Two of "A good movie." Its a very interesting subject that I hope to hear your opinion on.