Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foaming Sea

I stand on top the rocky crag
And look below on foaming sea
A world of spray in billowing flags
Of color grey with vast majesty

I descend to the shore and wade on through
The roaring waves and sand below
Without restraint I plunge into
The blueness of its sparkling glow

I feel water surrounding me
I swim through caverns in the deep
I smell the air of salty sea
And hear the gulls above me weep.

What hand such majesty could compose?
What ability in the Maker’s mind?
Covered in stalactites, blue-silver grottoes
Who can tell the treasures one might find?

I work my way back down to the sea
Where the sand is crushed by the waves
I see the dangerous rocks in the deep
How many of those mark a man's grave?

Spanish galleons, lost at sea,
The desperate fight between nature and man
Sinking, dying, in black waters eerie
The end of that sea-race those sailors ran.

Come to my grotto, lost in the deep,
Sheltered from the tide in my silent lagoon;
Now but a whisper, glory dead in sleep,
Beached in my grotto, lit by the moon.



  1. I love this one! It's so beautiful!

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking about writing one like this and entering it in the April poetry contest at poeticpower.com.