Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teen Court

A picture taken after Teen Court. I am to the right, my sister (senior attorney) is to the left and my other sister, (judge for Master Jury) is in the middle. You might have noticed it in my sidebar, but my sisters and I are part of a local Teen Court Program. October kicked off my freshman year as an attorney for Teen Court and I am definitely enjoying it. We go with about four other friends from our church along with the kids from the local highschool and I must say I look forward to it all month, every month. Our Teen Court is hoping to enter the National Teen Court Competition this year, but unfortunately my sister (on the left side) and I will not be able to enter this year because we will be out-of-state. However, I'm hoping that perhaps next year we will be able to. Click 'cool' if you're part of a Teen Court program!

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