Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Poem

This is a poem which I wrote recently and submitted to a poetry contest. I am still waiting for the results however and I don't have very high hopes. Anyway, here it is:

A grotto sheltered by the sea
Possessing a history of mystery,
Waiting in silence with an untold past
Waiting to be revealed at last

Visibility weak in the gathering gloom
Hiding the treasure in the lagoon
The starlight glints on where it lies,
Illuming the cave to the voyagers eyes.

First the boat ride through the midnight,
Then the searching for the moonlight,
Shining down the rocky shaft
While the lapping water laughs,

"Ghosts of galleons, lost in the deep,
Blue-silver beauty, glory in sleep.
The end of the line for many a ship,
Where shadows dance and gray waves dip,
And weeping gulls lament the tide,
Who knows how many sailors died?'



  1. That's awesome! You should have very high hopes!

  2. Nice poem,
    I write poems and most of them rhyme. When something that I write feels like a poem but does not rhyme, for me it is 'poetic thoughts'.