Thursday, August 16, 2012

Filming and Rapiers

Just a little update on filming and director meetings, on August 5th, the directors/producers/editors/ and cast of King Arthur met at a Community Center and filmed a large battle scene for the movie. Our cast included people from a different film studio as well as our original cast so we had about twenty-five people in it. It was really great. We got a lot of good clips and footage.

We also met on August 11 with the directors of the other film studio and had a wonderful time fencing with homemade rapiers. Let me rephrase that, we had an Awesome time. We looked over their costume designs and screenplay and talked about our movies together for quite a while. While outside our conversation strayed to Oliver Cromwell for some weird reason (actually, somebody said Cromwell was a good guy and I immediately had to refute their opinion with my own arguments, lol) and we also had a stimulating conversation about him, justice, execution and different "random" topics. (I try to refrain from using the word random because there is no such thing as random, so when I put it in quotes you know I mean miscellaneous really.) Great time there.

Filming has been really hot lately, (average is 100 or so when we're filming) so we try to get the scenes done quickly. Also, our two main actors are gone on an adventure/camping trip, so our filming has slowed down because we really need them back! The movie will be done by December 2012.


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