Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Side Project

It's about time I made another post just about life. Unfortunately, I can't make a post which has nothing to do with filming,lol...My younger brother and I had just written a storyline and outline of a short movie we were going to make, when he happened to drop the camera outside on the ground. Even worse, it wasn't even his, but our older sister's who had just bought it. Sooo, filming came to a very abrupt halt. Fortunately for us, (and more so for him to redeem his reputation) he fixed a broken camera that was lying around the house which had shared a similar fate in March on a beach in Oregon, and we are now using that. The quality is less, but oh well! we have a camera at least.

The movie is currently being filmed by some of the members of Silent Planet Productions and goes, temporarily, by the name of 'An Unknown Friend'. Any suggestions along those lines would be appreciated and considered. The movie will be short and will appear on the blog by October at the latest. Since we are doubtful whether King Arthur can be posted on my blog do to complications, I decided to allow my readers and followers to at least get a glimpse of the amateur films that Silent Planet Productions makes.



  1. Oh! That's awful. Are you going to continue with King Arthur?

  2. Yes, it's pretty sad and awful. King Arthur will continue however and perhaps I'll post it on here someday.