Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snippets of Story

Well, I decided 'd also post Snippets of a Story if anybody's interested in a peak inside a few of my many books, so here are a few. Thanks Katie S.! 

He looked over the mountains into the desert below, swept by a thunderstorm. Up on the mountain a strong breeze blew, ruffling his too-long hair and whipping his cloak about him. His arms were crossed and rested on the butt of two pistols stuck in his belt at a diagonal angle. His feet were spread and his head held high as he surveyed the hidden valley below cloaked with mist and fog as the early morning clouds lifted off to reveal the lush, green mountain valleys he was proud to call his home. -Iron Will (Fiction, Revolutionary War Era in my own world)

 “Then what are you afraid of? For I am afraid of nothing.” He said this with perfect solemnity and not a hint of a smile. This was no deadpan humor, but the complete truth, although it was not his habit to show it off before others. “I know that,” said Lucas with a tone which communicated the perfect trust he had in Jakin and the strength of his loyalty to him. “But I am more easily frightened. Parson will be watching you. He’ll shoot you at the first sign of escape and if I try to back you up before the Captain he'd nearly kill me too. I’d do it for you of course, I’d do anything for you, but it’s not my preferred choice of action.” “You will help me though.” said Jakin; overriding and seemingly ignoring everything Lucas had just said. Lucas lowered his head, “I would die for you.” -Iron Will 

Jakin ran after him. His heart was screaming for a break as it pounded ferociously inside his chest before the figure slowed its pace and began running backwards as it pulled out a pistol from inside its cloak. Jakin saw it too late to draw his own pistol. He had tried to avoid shooting the figure, but as the bullet sank into his shoulder he gritted his teeth and wished he had. -Iron Will

 “The police will be at the spot in 00:02:50 and we’ve got two miles of traffic to get through before they’ll have him handcuffed and waiting for the Chief of Department at the Police Department. We’ll have to fake SWAT or Secret Service just this once.” -The Resistance (Spy/SEAL/CIA type)

 “This is all very strange,” Lucas said with a winkled brow. “Forgive me, but I never thought you really had much of a conscience. I always knew you would prefer not being in the army, but I never guessed that you had any qualms over killing men in battle.” -Iron Will 

 “I did not realize the depth of your character. But I guess it is hard when one is as reclusive and defensive as you.” Lucas felt a strong urge to say this. Jakin had been so reclusive in the past years Luca shad known him that it had not been very possible to break Jakin’s defensive outer shell. Jakin nodded, “Of course. That is how I survive. If I spoke my thoughts more often I would be killed for treason.” 
“Very well, you may go. Do you require a companion or a pistol?” Jakin moved aside the grey army cloak tucked into his belt and revealed the brace of pistols. “As for a companion, I work better alone. I will be back in an hour.” -You guessed it, Iron Will 

Jakin felt relief at this information. He had been right. A trap had been planned for them. He crept silently away back towards his own camp. He had heard enough. -Iron Will 

“It’s almost nightfall. I’ll lead the infantry around the ridge until they meet at the eastern side. We’ll be in position by three o’clock. That gives you time to give the soldiers a brief rest before the charge. You must be awake and in position by three thirty, for I’ll give the signal at three forty-five. Heavy cavalry charges, infantry follows and light cavalry patrols to make sure none escape. If we have complications and do not light a fire by four o’clock, then you must wait. Do not charge until you see two signal fires. -Iron Will 

“What if something goes wrong and you have to order them to take measures that may be fatal?”

“Nothing will go wrong under my command,” said Jakin quietly. 
                                                               -Iron Will
Hope you enjoy!

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