Sunday, March 3, 2013

Literary Society

Hey everyone, check out for our latest issue of the Lamp Post Newspaper! You can find my entries under Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. Also, for a quick update and a picture, last Sunday I went to an airsoft war at a ranch for a friend's birthday party. A quick pic: (I'm the one with the rifle, M4 Tactical Viper, really nice gun.)

Also, triple-feature style, a poem I wrote recently...  

True Friendship
Life will crash down all around you,
But when it does you’ll know I’m near,
When it drives you to your knees,
I will wipe away your tears.

When you feel like you are helpless,
And the pain’s too much to bear,
I’ll be there to hold your hand
And show you that I care.

For I know what true friendship is,
I experienced it long ago,
When I had a friend as strong as steel,
Who with a word my heart had sealed,
But that was long ago.

No argument did separate us,
Just the icy hand of death,
And though I cried when my friend had gone,
I knew that it was best.

We’d spent many happy days,
And we’d traveled far and wide,
We were always right together,
Standing strong, side by side,

We rarely had a quarrel,
But when we did we soon forgave,
For our love each-other toward
Was stronger than the grave.

Our position was often awkward,
And our friends would point and stare,
But we defined true friendship,
So we didn’t really care.

We traveled through this world of strife,
Together hand-in-hand
We laughed at all life’s dangers,
For we knew of a greater land.

Far beyond the Foaming Rocks,
And towering over this tiny land,
There’s a world of beauty and majesty,
Designed by a skillful Hand.

My friend has already reached it,
My friend is waiting there,
And I am hurrying through this world,
The delay is hard to bear.


  1. Could it be that thou hast joined the airsoft community!?

  2. Wow, haven't seen you around in awhile! Yes, I have...This was my first real war. Duels with little brother don't really count...

  3. Lol! I checked out the blog and I was trying to figure out who was who. :P
    Awesome poem! Good job!