Monday, October 3, 2011

The Race Of Men

I wrote this poem:

The Race Of Men
We once were a people strong,
In the years and decades gone by,
And are now but in a fighting song.
We, who were kings year-long.

We once were a people strong,
And had we kept true we’d have never seen death
But that was ages and ages ago,
In years long by-gone.
We once were a people of light,
We fell into darkness and lost that light,
We tried to stand back up again,
But that was the end of the race of men.

After that we forgot our wrongs
We fell back into the way of the tongue,
We held no leash, and once again,
We failed, we, this race of men.

Some of us were saved, but very few,
and we received a truthful promise,
that has come down, From us to you,
Down through the long ages of history’s mist

And now, in this present age,
We’re only a part in the story of what has been
And for that part, a single page,
We are glad to be noticed in the race of men.

Now it comes down to your decision,
If you’ll follow truth, with strength and precision,
Or like us all, who fell into sin,
Will you forget, the race of men?

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