Thursday, June 21, 2012

Film Night- OK

As you can tell from the title, last Wednesday did not go so well. Sir Pellinore would not cooperate through the choreographing scenes and I did not bring the make-up for Guinevere or the blood which was supposed to be all over King Arthur. Nevertheless we made do with tomato puree and dirt. The scene was filmed really quickly because we were expecting to be called any minute so Merlin's part wasn't filmed and we may have to redo the entire scene. Stress level was 95 and the kids were all goofing off and being ridiculous. (It's hard to film a scene with three people when about ten other kids are looking on, "helping" and, to be frank, causing problems. lol.
Good luck all amateur filmmakers! Hurrah for amateur movies!

gwyn- Director of King Arthur and Co-director of Silent Planet Productions

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