Thursday, June 14, 2012

Film Night-Success

Last night was the first official film night for King Arthur. We filmed the Excalibur scene and I was able to play my part of the movie, which consists of going under water and holding the sword up for King Arthur to take. Yes, that's me with the oar in the center of the picture just come out of the water. To the right is the Lady of the Lake, to my left is King Arthur, to my far left is Merlin and the other girls are Morgan Le Fay and some unknown lady who came with the Lady of the Lake. Due to my being director, and also due to our overflowing cast, this was the only part available since this is my seven or eighth movie or play to act in and several other people have not ever acted. I was impressed with the acting of one of our cast as I had not expected as much before we filmed, he being a new actor. The actors from our previous production, A Winter's Tale by Shakespeare, shone out again as usual on film night. This was the only scene in which I was not to be filming, due to my acting in the scene. Next film night is the 20th!

Abigail Gwyn-Director of King Arthur and Co-Director of Silent Planet Productions


  1. Success! Doesn't it just feel awesome to finish a film! I wish you success on the rest of your film projects!

  2. Congratulations, Gwyn! We just finished up a preview of Robin Hood yesterday (the only one of our filming projects to be finished in one day!)

  3. Thanks!

    @Una- That's great!


  4. Hey, do you have video's of your previous play's/movies?
    I would love to see them if you do.