Monday, June 18, 2012


We're currently working on a trailer for King Arthur and hoping to film some good trailer shots this Wednesday when I meet again with the cast. Some of my friends are also working on a movie with another group of people and apparently they're making gauntlets, chainmail, breastplates, medieval saddles and metal swords for their filming, plus giving all their cast riding lessons to have fights on horseback.  I can ride a horse but the horse I have I don't think any of my cast will have the guts to get on. (Wish I had the time they have!) I struggle enough just getting the Wednesday filming done, let alone trailer shots! But I guess that's part of directing and organizing your own film. I should be meeting with them on July 4th and I'm hoping to drag them upstairs to watch the trailer and get a few tips from them.

I bought a chain mail coif for the film (since I didn't have the time to make one) and got it just as cheap as I would have if I had made my own. (Without all the labor and time) I wish we were filming a movie I had written instead of King Arthur; Then you can write the script and plot using weapons, armor, scenery and settings that you have available without having to go but stuff. I buy everything for our movie so cash is not something I have in abundance. (Speaking of which, I really need to buy some fabric to make new costumes...) Anyway, I'll post another update after Wednesday's shots.

Gwyn -Director of King Arthur and Co-Director of Silent Planet Productions


  1. Riding lessons?!!! So lucky! If you find the time to make a blog button for King Arthur, I can put it on my blog...

  2. Well, they're not professional riding lessons... One of the families has six horses and they ride pretty well I guess so they're giving lessons to their cast. I don't need the lessons though so I'm not jealous, though I do envy all their armor. Unfortunately I do not know how to make blog buttons... maybe you could tell me how.

    Gwyn- Director of King Arthur and Co-Director of Silent Planet Productions