Friday, August 9, 2013

Guitar Tutorials

Hello everyone,
I’ve decided to start posting a series of guitar tutorial videos on my blog which I hope will be helpful to both beginners and people who may have been playing for a little while but are still having a few problems with their guitar. The videos will cover basics like tuning, strumming and basic chords and will gradually progress on to some other things like finger-picking, barre chords, scales and keys. I thought of posting these videos a little while ago because I think that a firm foundation in these things is essential to becoming a good guitar player regardless of what style of music you are playing. For people who are just starting I hope that these lessons will give you a clear understanding of the basics so that your playing will start on a good foundation. 

To the Self-Taught Heroes
As a self-taught guitarist, I congratulate you on your determination  to learn an instrument 'whatever it takes' and I encourage you to keep practicing. It can be a big temptation to be slack in practicing, but practicing is more crucial then anything else! 

To Those Taking Lessons
A popular guitar teaching method I have run across in my area is the 'up-down' strumming patterns and the tailored beginner chords. Depending on your teacher, you have probably been taught these too. These videos are especially designed to help you (if a beginner) be able to play in several different keys and to various beats and rhythms without your strumming pattern handy. 

So to sum it up, these videos are to help the beginner become a confident and skillful guitarist who actually knows WHY he plays a chord or a note in a certain way, not just how. I hope my videos help you to become that. 

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